Pet World, Dress Up - the games on Always Icecream are SO MUCH FUN!
ANIKA, 4th grader
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Are you a girl between 7 and 12? Do you like to play fun games and watch cool videos online? Do you like to meet up with your girlfriends online and share the fun and games with your friends? How about caring for your own and pet sitting your friend’s pet on the internet?

  1. Typing
  2. Math
  3. Arts & Music
  4. Geography
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Fun Game of the Week: Kairi's Ice Cream Shoppe

Create yummy ice cream cones and sundaes. Make sure you have enough supplies and don't run out of time as more and more customers come into your store to buy your fabulous treats.

Last Week's Fun Game: Laundry Rush

Run a busy laundromat - but keep your cool and don't panic. There are washing machines to run, dryers to load and unload and laundry to fold. Can you keep up and earn the most money?

Other Fun Games: Word Synonyms

Expand your vocabulary through this interactive online synonym tutor. You can collect $coops for each new level you reach. $coops can then be spent on fun activities such as caring for online pets or participating in raffles.

The new website Always Icecream is made just for girls. Oh, yes, and we’ve made it so your parents will love Always Icecream also, as some of the fun stuff also helps you do better in school, and you can prove it to them. They’ll want you to be online when you go to Always Icecream, so how great is that? More time online for fun and games with your friends.

Scoop into Always Icecream for Even More Fun and Cool Games

At Always Icecream, you’ll earn “Scoops” for bringing in friends or playing games that also teach you something and are fun—like how to type really fast—and you can use Scoops to shop for nice things for your online pets or to play lots of other cool games and videos.

Your Mom Will Love Seeing You Online Playing Games and Learning

Your parents will like how we care for you in this playground: Nobody bad will be bugging you. It’s just a space for fun, amusement, games, girls and yes, a little learning. And don’t forget that your girl friends will be there online with you on Always Icecream, sharing in the fun and games.

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My daughter LOVES the games on Always Icecream.
CATHIE, Mother of Two Daughters